"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mohandas K. Gandhi
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Did I mention he’s my favorite actor on the show

He needs his own show. Like right now!

Joe Morton could do comedy- and I don’t mean Blues Brothers 2000 either. 

hahahahaaaa…love his spirit!

nice look…love it

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Wow, Idris. I really hope it’s yours this time though. Remember what happened the last time?

sweet!!! i’m sure he’s getting a dna test after that last event. “fool me once…”



that was the slap of the century to me! nothing like it since for me…



On why Season 3 is probably my last one for Scandal…




Season 3, ultimately, was about two characters. The problem with the fact that it was ultimately about two character is that neither or those characters was Olivia Pope, who is supposed to be the main character on her own show but got none of that love this season.

We are…

I am done. This one sided uncreative writing predictable . She can have her show back. She won’t tease me anymore with Olitz is the endgame. Cause she won’t.write them as the endgame. She wanted Scott Foley untalented ass she put him front and center. Now Next season she can sell him and the lack luster Ojake crap.and try to.get viewers. Cause I am out.

I think Shonda will write Olitz as end game. It will be at the end of the series- nothing we will ever get to see & enjoy. If you want to stay and get jerked around till that happens, go for it. You’d be better off just writing and/or reading fan fiction. You won’t ever have more than that.

I always doubted that Olitz was end game. But after the last few season finales, ironically, I think it is. Olitz never, ever does, despite Fitz having a child, Edison, Jake, her cray cray parents, Olivia’s love for Fitz grows stronger and stronger. Or she gains greater clarity about that love. She tells Jake to his face that she loves Fitz. She gets on a plane, but we all know she’s not sure, despite saying she is. It’s obvious that this is Shondas end game. This story is about Olivia and how she deals with loving this man. Problem is though, after several torturous seasons of merry go round storytelling, will there be an audience left to care.

Right you are.I think Olitz were always going to be end game but, she over did it. It was good to see the conflict but sometimes it was so ugly and Fitz came away looking bad never mind that in some ways he’s very much a victim. I couldn’t even bring myself to muster any enthusiasm when ‘their song’ filtered out…maybe fact that it overlapped the Huck and Quinn scene further left me feeling squimish.

I’m okay with Liv taking off with Jake, we’ve always said she needs a friend.And what better friend than Jake. Jake has been there every step of the way; shoulder to cry on, they’ve plotted and schemed together, the booty calls. He knows all there is to know about her and he’s still there.

Papa Pope maybe out to use him but, he’s also set off a new chain of events what with that box he dispatched to David’s.

The Grants need space to mourn, , for the loss of their child and their marriage and it’s just as well Liv has extricated herself from the WH. Liv too needs a break, she needs to evaluate all this new information that has come to light.

I think folk need to go back and re-watch S3 in it’s entirety before writing the show off. We’ve been through the worst and come S4 things should pick up.I believe the protagonists will still have their share of problems but they’ll be able to deal with them maturely.

It was nice to see Fitz  seek out Mellie and comfort her.

It was nice to see Liv tell Jake that she’s in love with Fitz. Point blank period.

It was nice for Jake to tag along with Liv for the ride. They can be friends.

It was nice to see Mellie reach for the phone during Fitz’s hour of need to call Liv.

It was nice to see Quinn releasing Huck back to his family even though she loves him.

These people have been to hell and back and they seem to have learnt something about unconditional love. Abby and David preceded, so nothing to discuss.

As for Cy…



Cute look @missloveandaffection

Love the fro.

she is very cute and i love her hair

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pimp daddy!!! kool kat! someone should send this to joe morton…LOL!!

It’s actually Joe’s avatar on twitter lmao !

ok. cool.





Sorry guys :( gonna go on a bit of an unfollowing purge because I use tumblr on my phone most of the time so I can’t get tumblr saviour and I don’t want my dash dominated with Scandal. Go ahead and unfollow if you’re here for Scandal because I’m not going to be blogging about it anymore.

What about fanfic?

I’ve fallen behind on reading most of the fanfics anyway. I can’t support or expend energy on a show anymore that is intent on marginalizing the one WOC lead. It bums me out too much and makes me so cynical when I think about it.

D’aww. But I hear you, I do. I’m not as vested as I used to be either. Bummer. 

i’ve lost something too…it’s just not what i thought or hoped it would be…but so be it…


Rudie McCree @Bookings (London)

pretty girl






This is a painting I did for my little cousin who will soon be going through a bone marrow transplant. I hope that every time she looks at it she will feel brave and strong.”

Qavah the Brave by ~Wes-Talbott


Contemporary Art Week!

Awww sookie sookie nah. That is amazing!

This is all kinds of awesome ♥ every little girl of colour should have this to bolster them when having to face the world

It’s grand, isn’t it? I’m way beyond the age of wonder, but even that just made me pause and get starry eyed for a wee bit. 

this is lovely










What if Kerry wants to raise her family? I loved the finale but this could have been the end of the series. Have we heard of renewals?

Shonda tweeted that she told the writers more OPA for next season, so that plane will turn around at some point


Do not underestimate Kerrys ambitions she’s been working far too hard for a long time to walk.she’s not Julia Roberts famous and can expect to return at the same level. It can work with bringing baby to work.

At the end of the day, it’s up  to the showrunner. Actors are just pawns when it comes to all of that, especially nowadays, when the story is bigger than the talent (which to be fair, it should be to an extent). So it’s a matter of believing it when I see it. After the TV season of 2013/14, I can’t take the word of showrunners at all. 

You really think Shonda would do Kerry like that?

I think that Shonda will do what she thinks is best for her show.  I’m sure she loves Kerry, but it ain’t really about her.  

Season 3 yes wasn’t about the fixer sure but it started as a show inspired about a Washington fixer and now its about just Washington.

Not even Washington, but The White House and the white people in the white house and around it. If it were about Washington and the vagaries of Washington and Olivia Pope making it rain out of lemonade, I’d be happy, because the Washington gossip (if you follow it IRL) is gold. This season wasn’t about that. 

i agree. that wasn’t even about washington…not really sure what S3 was about to be honest…but yes if it had stayed focused on pope and how she copes with all the washington machine, i would have been much more satisfied.



Lisa Bonet, photographed by Francesco Scavullo for Harper’s Bazaar, September 1986. Clothing by Michael Kors.

Wow, I forget that she looked like that back in the day. 

yeah…she looked much softer back then. now i think she looks kinda hard.


Daddy told y’all he was gonna fuck shit up since September

Y’all weren’t listening.

Daddy stormed through DC and let y’all know about these levels and how Fitz wasn’t never gonna be shit.

Let Maya off her leash and let her fuck shit up for a while. Do all the heavy lifting while that nigga was in the museum dusting fossils, catching up on ancient birds.


Daddy the OG in this shit.

The fucking truest OG.

Eli Pope is the Bumpy Johnson of this DC shit.


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pimp daddy!!! kool kat! someone should send this to joe morton…LOL!!

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Crossbones - Friday, May 30 (NBC)

It’s 1715 on the Bahamian island of Santa Campana, the first functioning democracy in the Americas, where the diabolical pirate Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard (John Malkovich), reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors. Part shantytown and part marauder’s paradise, this is a place like no other on Earth - and a mounting threat to international commerce.

Teach/Blackbeard has set his sights on the world’s first longitude chronometer, a device that will change society, sea-trade and global business. In a massive attack on an English vessel, Blackbeard attempts to steal the device; however, Tom Lowe, an English spy working undercover as the ship’s surgeon, destroys the chronometer before it can fall into his hands. Taken as prisoner to Santa Campana Island, Lowe must find a way to reassemble the precious device, all while trying to unfold Blackbeard’s plan… a plan that includes a threat to the English throne even worse than pirates.

From the award-winning creator of “Luther,” Neil Cross, and award-winning executive producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (“Gladiator,” “Men in Black”) comes an extraordinary action adventure with an unexpected moral center where one can’t be sure whether the pirates or the British crown are the villains. One-hour drama.

British actress Tracy Ifeachor will play Nenna, a smart, powerful fighter who exhibits complete loyalty and a slight fear for Captain Blackbeard.


Oh? I’m interested in this because I liked Luther. I’ll give this an eye. 

yes it does sound interesting…