"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mohandas K. Gandhi

that’s funny

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Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie at San Diego Comic Con - July 25, 2014

Pretty girl !

she is…and she’s so tiny!




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Lmaooo…wait she has a channel now ?

supposedly she is starting one…of course i would not pay to listen to this trifling heffa with that annoying voice of hers but i guess people better ask for a 6 month subscription instead of a year because she will probably quit halfway through it…


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Saw a commercial for the 700 club where they say that France is virulently anti-Israel and is threatening to expel all of the Jews out of the country…  Meanwhile in the REAL world… none of that is happening.

LIke seriously… what planet are they on?

planet crazy!!!







anyone else noticing a trend here?


didn’t know ancient egyptians looked like mayo…


Ok but of course the servants and thieves are black ok i see yall

Brown Jesus from Palestine, what the fuck is this!

Tuya and Zipporah are Sub Saharan unarguable black. Like you Zipporah’s familial descendants are still living a pastoral life in the same place she was from, and they still look like her.

Queen Tuya is black, in fact her tomb was found after the front load of white supremacist archeologist raided Egypt, so surprisingly enough her features were kept in tact on all of her antiquities as was her full name which also described where she was from…modern day Ethopian/Chad/Sudan area.

No matter how much fake tanner, pretty pretty hair pieces, faux box braids Sigourney will look ridiculous.

So it’s real nice to know that every reoccurring woman of visible East African descent is non existent and every male of visible African decent is a poor criminal. Awesome, and super accurate.

*sips tea

wow….man come on hollywood!! you guys suck!

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"If Ms Rhimes was a man, her blaming Kerry Washington’s pregnancy on why the season was such a disaster would be called out for the sexist bullshit that it clearly is.

Let me list all the ways that Scandal sucked this season, and work out how Kerry being pregnant was to blame.

In the season…

Well damn

When did she blame Kerry’s pregnancy? She also flatly denied that the season was a disaster. 

I think Rhimes said that she had to widen the scope of the show since her lead actress had ‘personal issues’ and couldn’t do the long hours on the set like she used to. People are referring to this part of the article:

"By necessity, in a weird way, last season we had to expand our universe. We had a lead actress who for reasons that are private [Washington’s pregnancy] was moving slower and could work less. So we had to hold things in front of her and tone it down a lot more. It just meant for us that it was a different energy for her, and we were taking care of somebody. She couldn’t work 14 hours a day, so we had to tell our story in a different way, and that necessitated other people both picking up the slack in beautiful ways — we got to really see Bellamy Young [First Lady Mellie Grant] sing and all the amazing moves she could do. We got to see those people sing in amazing ways and bring in other people for them to play against. We had to expand the universe for those things to happen. A lot of it was a way of taking care of Kerry, but now that we have the ability to use Kerry the way we need to use her, it means we get to bring everything back to our core in a way that we had in season two and one.”

i know that some of the “rational” people (not the rabid haters of shonda) were upset with what shonda said and i personally think she was being a little inarftul in the way she said it…i do feel that the ultimate issue/the bottom line is that some people don’t like the creative choices she and her team made this past season. i think some people feel like this is an excuse or cop out to say that the season went the way it did because of kerry’s pregnancy. it was only one factor….they still had to write the story about the characters and they are the ones who came up with the plot. kerry’s pregnancy should not have affected their ability to creatively continue the kind of show folks were drawn to. i did not hate season 3 but it was definitely a let down and even messy in a lot of places…disjointed…and i have previously mentioned my other issues on other posts so i won’t recite them at this time.


Girls yaaaassss 🙌

these pretty young ones are rocking their dos already!!! they bad!!

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1. I’ve been binge watching Kitchen Nightmares since thursday.
2. The way too my heart is with food.
3. I hate The Notebook.
4. I was a cheerleader in 09.
5. History, english/literature, and writing are my favorite subjects.

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If y’all did it already my bad.

1. I have a phd

2. I went to an all white prep school and regret NOTHING

3. I thought my little brother was going to get darker after he was born but he’s a light bright to this day lol

4. I am not at ALL a Beyonce fan.

5. I’m rocking a Hillary 2016 tee as soon as she announces
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  1. I have watched “A Christmas Story” every Christmas since 1993.
  2. I love musicals especially The Wiz, My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music (my favs).
  3. I have only visited 10 of the 50 states plus the DC area…GA, FL, VA, NY, OH, MS, TX, NC, TN & MD
  4. I have visited 8 countries (Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
  5. I own a cat and just adopted a black shih tzu whom I have named maya

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i swear i can hear him with his high pitched voice





Innovative fresh funky unique daring


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